The prison architect today extended a free DLC with Cleared For Transfer, a free Bucket update for everyone, and they announced the prison architect: Bond Island.

After purchasing the IP address of the prison architect at Introversion Paradox, the company plans to expand as it has done for its other games with Double Eleven as the chosen development team. The beginning of everything that is really happening today, with the DLC Cleared For Transfer, which has already been published and is free for everyone. Prisoners can now move between sectors (or wings) of your prison. The conditions for the transition to a lower security sector are entirely at your own expense.

We also have a free update of The Bucket, which contains a lot of extra content. There is a brand new building with a gym. New items such as the boxing ring, punching bag and water cooler are included. Give the prisoners a place to play while they stay inside.

Prison Architect will be cleared for transfer and Island Bound DLC announced

This free upgrade also includes many other new toys for your prison. You can create custom security zones, a new deployment menu that allows you to assign zones to employees, new walls, panels and floors, new rooms with quick access such as the mailroom and library, in planning mode you can disable automatic background creation, in Locked Walls mode you can now allow heating, advanced mud assistance, etc..

The next CSD, called Island Bound, was also announced today and will start on the 11th. June is paid and due. According to a press release:

We teased Island Bound last year at PDXCON, and our players have speculated about what we’ve created since then. Island Bound is our first full content extension for a prison architect since we acquired Paradox IP in 2019, said Steacy McIlwham, product manager for a prison architect at Paradox Interactive. We are pleased to make Island Bound available to all Prison Architect gamers on PC and console – a first in the history of Prison Architect.

They gave him a very short commercial trailer, without any gameplay:

The main features of Island Bound:

  • The sea and the sky: Improve your prison logistics by using various ferry and helicopter transport options that take goods and prisoners directly to the docks around your camp. But don’t forget, there are now more opportunities to smuggle into prison.
  • Connect the chain: Maximize prison efficiency by linking quays, heliports and roads to specific facilities. You can even change the services available at any delivery point in your complex.
  • Supermax security: New security features make it easier to search smugglers and prisoners at the entrance to prisons or at large checkpoints. If things get out of hand, additional emergency services can be called in, including aeronautical firefighters, elite units for special operations and ambulance workers.
  • Life on the island: Customize your island or Connected Island plot with more than fifteen tiles and sea objects. Arrange the land around your facility with ditches, rivers and lakes for safety or style – no need for access roads!
  • The rock: Running the most famous prison in the world with two pre-cards: Alcatraz prison and the island of Alcatraz.

So many new and free things, and more to come. If you’re a fan of the prison architect, that sounds good.

You can buy Prison Architect in Humble Store, GOG and Steam.

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