Each year the CRN recognises the women who run the station and their unique strengths, visions and achievements. This prestigious annual list celebrates the leaders of the chain paving the way for future generations. These women represent all sectors of the IT ecosystem, including technology suppliers, distributors, solution providers and other IT organisations.

This year I am proud to announce that six outstanding individuals have been selected by the CRN to be on the list of Channel 2020 Women of the Year (WOTC). Each is recognized for his or her exceptional leadership, vision and unique role in stimulating growth and innovation in the industry.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, I would like to inform you that Chari Rhoades had the honour to be on the WOTC Power 100 list of the CRN. The Power 100 list is a subgroup of more than 900 recognized women, with a special focus on women who lead their organizations with different experiences and skills. See below to find out more about each guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour. guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of guest of honour of egregion.

Chary Roads – Sales and Channel Manager – America

Chari Rhoades joined McAfee in 2013 and currently leads two teams. A team focuses on the growth and development of our distribution partners. The second group is responsible for offering opportunities and communicating with the American partners. In 2019, Chari’s sales team focused on implementing a plan to grow new businesses through targeted campaigns, enabling activities and the use of key sales services, resulting in material contributions to the chain’s ticket sales. Chari’s team helped develop and launch the McAfee Channel Promise, which defines who the channel is for McAfee and its internal teams, while expressing the value of the channel. She also led the development of internal training to ensure that McAfee salespeople understand the sales channel themselves and how to use it for mutual success.

Christine Carnes – Director of GlobalPrograms and Operations

Christine Carnes joined McAfee through the acquisition of Skyhigh Networks. As director of global channel programs and operations, she supports a community of trusted partners that accounts for more than 90 percent of McAfee Enterprise’s revenue. In 2019, McAfee’s investment in the PRM platform was accelerated, providing partners with a more complete and simplified view of their business with McAfee. In addition, it has introduced a new discount programme that offers partners more predictability and profit potential.

McAfee Recognized on CRN ‘s 2020 Women on the Channel Gabriela Ferado – Sales Manager, channel

Gabriela Ferado worked at McAfee for eight years and began her career as a sales representative for the Latin American team. Then she joined the Channel team, where she learned, grew up and found a passion for helping partners to be the company’s multipliers. As a former teacher, the transfer of knowledge and the empowerment of others, her work and her success are essential. In 2019, as part of the Cloud Services Provider team, she expanded McAfee’s operations in Latin America and helped our teams understand that CSP was another route to market.

Judy Kent – director programming and communications, global channel

Judy Kent joined McAfee by acquiring Skyhigh Networks, which has 25 years of experience in channel marketing and sales. As head of global partner incentive programs, she has secured new sales revenue through the channel and trained thousands of partners in a series of global pre-sale technical support webbars. It also successfully launched a new 13-language partner portal, McAfee, in January 2020. Previously, in 2015 and 2016, she was registered as a woman in the CRN, in 2016 and 2018 she was registered as an officer in the CRN.

Cherie Leach – Senior Distribution Manager

Sheri Leach has over 25 years of experience working with channel partners and has developed Ingram Micro with their McAfee company over the last 14 years. In 2019, Cherie played a key role in partnering with Ingram Micro and the Business Intelligence program to create new logos, one of McAfee’s 2019 initiatives. She also played an important role in the development of operational excellence and automation at Ingram Micro when McAfee introduced improvements to the QPC. She also worked closely with Ingram Micro’s marketing team to create McAfee’s contactless sales program by generating supply and demand. Finally, Cherie helped organize a creative financing program between Ingram Micro and McAfee to close previously impossible deals.

Natalie Tomlin – Director of Channel Sales Cloud and Service Provider

Natalie Tomlin is a McAfee veteran who joined the company more than 20 years ago when it was still known as Network Associates. She has held positions in the sales and channel department and has been channel manager for the past four years. By 2019, Natalie will have built strong business relationships with leading cloud computing service providers. As a de facto security service provider, it has helped its customers move to the cloud, facilitating discussions about operational efficiency and enabling McAfee to conduct transactions with CSPs in public and government clouds and generate additional revenue by connecting.

This recognition is special and highlights the work we have done as a talent recruitment organisation, a return to work initiative to help those who have taken a career break and achieve equal pay for men and women across the company.

I would like to congratulate these six exceptional women, who are at the heart of McAfee’s programme. Their leadership and execution have been crucial to our success and will continue to help us move forward.

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