Covid-19 changed the way we all work very quickly. Organisations need fast and effective security education and awareness raising among users in order to address the changing needs of the new generation for many of our normative situations. In order to support our ability to implement utilities quickly, easily and efficiently, we are pleased to provide the Microsoft Cyber Security Awareness Kit, which is being prepared in cooperation with Terranova Security. For the first time in history I have seen many things that have not been done, and I am sure we will be able to do so in the near future. For further information, please read the following.

Work at home can be carried out on unsecured and jointly used equipment, in unsecured networks and in unauthorised or non-conforming applications. The new environment has transformed the decision-making process in the field of cyber security into a new form of cooperation. In the face of the racial disturbance of company spouses, the threat is developing further, as the fearers use the current situation to organise contact with Coronavirus victims. As security experts, we can sell our colleagues at the bottom of the bargain, protect ourselves and our companies. However, the complexity of the subject matter, the creation of regenerated content and the administration of preferences, can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Our skills require a security training programme that can be set up and adapted to their specific conditions.


At the end of the current RSA 2020, we will be able to offer our partnership with Terranova Security, which will be made possible for us even in this year, comprehensive phishing simulations and benefits in Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection. Our partnership links Microsoft’s advanced technology, the widely feared platform features and Microsoft’s unrivalled threat tolerance with the existing processes, the human-centred design and the pagoda-like stringency of Terranova Security. Our intelligent solution will increase the efficiency of modelling and calculation and at the same time simplify administration and reporting. The solution establishes and empowers content-sensitive and targeted simulations that allow them to simulate and exploit real risks in different business situations, according to their level of risk. It automates end-to-end simulation management, provides robust analyses for the next simulation cycle and allows for comprehensive consideration.

Our Cyber Security Awareness Kit now provides a part of this training material for COVID-19 satellites, in order to support security experts who are involved in the development of their new remote working groups. The kit includes videos, interaktive kurse, poster and infographics as shown below. You can use these materials to blame your farm workers quickly and easily.

Empowering your remote workforce with awareness of end-user security

For security experts who are not familiar with the use of the latest technologies, environmental protection and security materials or the use of Microsoft 365-Security Sports, the system has a number of advantages, including the fact that the system can be used in a wide range of applications. All authenticated Microsoft 365 Benutzer are available on the Portal. Administrators are also aware of the possibility of the kit being used. You can find out more about this in README, which is written in English, and in the information packages for the most important military equipment.

Empowering your remote workforce with awareness of end-user security


All Microsoft 365 capabilities can access the Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Center via this link. If you are not a Microsoft 365 client or want to collaborate with families and friends who are not members of your organisation, Terranova Security provides cost-free payment materials for end users.

The implementation of quicker and more effective end use decisions in order to protect workers at external sites is an opportunity that Microsoft can help its employees to work productively and safely with COVID-19. For more information, see the new information on the Microsofts Secure Remote Work Page.cybersecurity for remote workers,how to maintain security when employees work remotely,remote working security awareness,work from home user awareness,work from home security policy,security risks remote work,sans security work from home,shifting to remote work